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I have always been encouraged by hearing testimonies of God at work in the lives of others. And amazed and humbled by how He has spoken through me to bless others, sometimes making the most difference when I "feel" His tangible presence the least!

If you have something to share about what the Lord has done in your life or what you've learned through something I've shared, please contact me at Mary (at) LifeIsNotAFormula (dot) com.

"I never thought about sharing my anger with God, even though I knew He could see it. What you shared (in Joy of Living Single seminar) about "always facing God no matter what – He can handle your anger" inspired me and gave me courage to make some changes in my relationship with Him."—M.B., Raleigh, NC

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"The book (Fat to Fit: Working out your Salvation) is very practical.It encourages believers to respond to our loving Savior and to live responsibly and maturely, which touches His heart and honors Him. It encourages us to "run to win" as mentioned in Corinthians. It calls to believers to grow and reminds us of the confidence we can have in God and His ways. It has helpful real-life stories. I recommend it!"—B.S., Cary, NC

"I had to read slowly and think about the questions. I had never thought about some of the topics the way Mary presented them. I really enjoyed the book".—C.T., Raleigh, NC